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European Voluntary Service (EVS) is part of the Erasmus+ programme, and provides opportunities for young people to take part in voluntary projects across Europe and beyond.  Projects are open to all young people aged 17-30 and can last between 2 and 12 months.

All projects are run by non-profit organisations and are available in all EU states and some other countries.  Projects include such themes as: social inclusion and participation of young people, anti-discrimination, health, animal welfare, disability, environment, European awareness and many more.  EVS is free of charge for volunteers, with the possible exception of 10% of travel costs to the host country.  In addition to this, insurance, food, pocket money and accommodation costs are all met by the programme.

Article 12 in Scotland has been involved in EVS since 2001 by sending volunteers to projects across Europe, and also as the providers of training and support to EVS volunteers based at projects in the UK.

As an accredited EVS sending organisation, we support young people through the whole EVS process – by working together to identify a suitable project, supporting the volunteer to build confidence and prepare to embark on their EVS experience, providing risk prevention and crisis management training, offering on-going telephone/internet based support throughout the duration of the project while the volunteer is in the host country, helping to make sense of the learning experience and supporting volunteers to reintegrate and identify future opportunities after their EVS experience has finished.

For further information about EVS, how to get involved, and what funding is available, please contact: