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Article 12 in Scotland Annual Reports

Annual report and financial statement 2016-17

Electronic and hard copies of past annual reports are available on request.  Please email: for further information.


Article 12 in Scotland Resources

That’s Mental
Mental Health Awareness: A workshop for young people. This booklet was produced by a group of young people who wanted to produce a training pack about mental ill-health that would be relevant to young people. It is designed as a peer education resource for 16 – 25 year olds but equally can be used by support workers. Email us for a copy.

Work in Progress
Work in Progress aims to provide young people and youth workers with inspiration and practical tools to develop and deliver peer-led projects. The contents reflect the work of Article 12 in Scotland’s PEST (peer education skills development) project.  Email us for a copy.

This publication offers useful tools and techinques for those with an interest in empowering young ethnic minority women.

P.I.P.O. – Peer Education Approach in Cultural Diversity Projects
This guide offers useful tools and techniques for those with an interest in cultural diversity work with young people.

This is a useful guide to involving young people with fewer opportunities in international events.


Article 12 in Scotland Reports to the United Nations


Article 12 in Scotland’s alternative report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.  Young people’s views on the state of children and young people’s rights in Scotland – the report includes the views of young Gypsy/Travellers, looked after young people, young people with disabilities, young carers and young offenders.


Young people from across Scotland telling it like it is
Young people’s views on Discrimination, Participation, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Health, Looked After Children and Young People and Education: Article 12 in Scotland’s shadow report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, a response to the UK Government’s last periodic report. Six representatives of Article 12 in Scotland presented this report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (Geneva). The UK is next due to be heard in 2015. Watch this page for a copy of our forthcoming alternative report.


From the archives

Young Scottish Voices
Article 12 in Scotland’s contribution to the Euronet project (an international project working towards the inclusion of a children and young people’s charter in the new constitution for Europe ) (2003)

A Review of the Current Voting Age in Scotland (2001-2002)

Alternative Report on the State of Children ’s Rights in Scotland (Response to the UK Government Report) to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (2002)
Report on the attendance at and presentation to the United Nations Special Session on Children ( New York ) (2002)

Curfews and Crime:
What Young People Think: The views and opinions of young people from across Scotland. (1998)