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Internet Safety

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You need to create a password for a website. What should you use?

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You’ve gone on a gaming website and it asks you to download a link before you play. What
should you do?

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Who can you share your passwords with?

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A classmate tells you that somebody has been calling him mean names on an online game.
What should you do?

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Your friend tells you they are talking to someone that they have met online and are going to meet them at the weekend, what should you do?

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One of your friends has posted a video of you on the internet and you don’t like it. You’ve asked
them to take it down but they’ve said no because it’s funny. What should you do?

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Someone in your class has sent around an embarrassing photo of another classmate. What
should you do with it?

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If you post something on the internet, who may be able to see it?

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Who should you accept friend requests from online?

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What should you do if a stranger asks you to send a picture of yourself to them?

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