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What we do

How Article 12 in Scotland Works

We believe that governments, professionals, and the wider community all have a role to play in building an environment that respects, values and validates the contributions of young people.


Our work is underpinned by the principle of free participation: a process that facilitates the participation of all young people on their own terms and according to their own realities, a principle that, if realised, facilitates informed choice, freedom, dignity, respect and demonstrates an acceptance that young people have the same human rights entitlements as adults: that there are no conditions attached.

We work to achieve this by supporting some of the most marginalised young people, such as young Gypsy/Travellers, care experienced young people, disabled young people and young people experiencing mental ill-health to:

Undertake research to identify needs and concerns relating to their human rights and have those needs and concerns given due weight and attention by key decision makers at local, national and international level;

Produce and disseminate rights and equality information online and in any other format for distribution locally, nationally and internationally;
Organise, or assist others to organise, rights and equality based events, conferences, workshops and training courses.