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UNCRC Reporting Process

The UNCRC Reporting Process presents an opportunity for Non-Government Organisations [NGOs] Civil Society Organisations [CSOs] and National Human Rights Bodies and Agencies to present evidence concerning children and young people’s rights to the international legal body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC]. As well as offering an alternative view point of governmental policies, the Reporting Process can be a route for organisations to influence political, legislative and practice agendas.

Following the 2008 Reporting Process, debate and dialogue has developed significantly between NGOs and CSOs and Governments. The close involvement of NGOs and CSOs has also increased scrutiny, challenge and accountability in terms of monitoring the implementation and impact of the UNCRC into policy, practice and the wider society.

The UK has recently opted into the simplified reporting procedure.


Key dates for the next reporting process

November 2020

We have made our first submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child [the Committee].  This will assist them in deciding the main issues and concerns they will focus on in the new reporting process.  Download a copy.

February 2021

The Committee publishes its List of Issues Prior to Reporting [LOIPR].  This asks the government about their actions relating to the implementation of the UNCRC and the two Optional Protocols. Download a copy.

Note: Following a back log due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The UK’s first review under the simplified reporting procedure will now take place in 2022-23. All below dates may be subject to change.

15th June 2022

The UK Government will submit a report to the Committee on progress in, and barriers to, addressing the main issues and concerns raised in the LOIPR.

December 2022

We made our second submission to the Committee on 1st December; this includes and amplifies the voice of some of Scotland’s most marginalised young people and responds to the UK Government report and other issues that young people consider relevant and important whether or not they are included in the Government’s report. 

February 2023

The Committee met with NGOs, Civil Society, National Human Rights Institutions, Children and Young People’s Commissioners and the UK and devolved Governments to ask questions and hear evidence about children and young people’s human rights issues in the UK.  Article 12 in Scotland was represented by our Honorary Chairperson Dr Lynne Tammi.

Download a copy of our report: THE UNCRC IN SCOTLAND: Young Peoples’ Voices Revisited 2023

May 2023

On the 18th and 19th of May, the Committee took oral information from government representatives. They published their Concluding Observations on 2nd June. Concluding Observations. Download a copy.

A pocket guide to the reporting process can be downloaded at: https://